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The Department of Environment and Geography was disestablished at the end of 2014 and no longer operates.  Two new Departments have evolved from it: the new Department of Environmental Sciences in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the new Department of Geography and Planning in the Faculty of Arts.  Both new Departments started on 1 January 2015.  Both new Departments remain interdisciplinary, and collaboration of members of the two new Departments continues in research and learning and teaching, particularly in the areas of environmental management and planning.

Department of Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Science and Engineering

  • Climate Science
  • Environmental Earth Science (Geomorphology)
  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Science
  • Marine Science
  • Museum Studies
  • Spatial Information Science
  • Sustainable Development

Department of Geography and Planning

Faculty of Arts

  • Development Studies and Cultural Change
  • Environmental Planning
  • Environmental Studies
  • Geography
  • Human Geography
  • Social Impact Assessment